Biblical Faith is an endeavor to faithfully teach God’s word. The goals are quite simple, to learn what the Scriptures teach, and then to find areas in everyday life where these biblical principles can be applied.

You will find a range of materials here but they have been hand-crafted  at various times for different reasons (academic/college papers, personal study, church publications, classes taught, etc.). While my passion is in understanding Scripture and its application in my life, my academic training is in New Testament exegesis, New Testament Greek studies, Christian Apologetics, and Christian Leadership.

I am always updating my website so don’t be surprised if the next time you arrive we look different – this is a one-man show so to speak. Also, I personally do not like microwave articles that are “hot” for the second so I try not to write like that.

I am excited about this project; I hope you enjoy the studies. There are other projects in the R&D pipeline so follow me on twitter and sign up for email updates to keep on the action here. They are my service to you because of Him Who called me into His precious grace.


Jovan Payes

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One thought on “Welcome

  1. Anonymous

    I really appreciate the One Word study. I find the devotionals very comforting and inspiring. Because they are short I retain scriptures used in the lessons and can apply them to life’s challenges. I am grateful our congregation is using the book together and the Sunday evening lessons.

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