Book Review: Emerging Elders

Emerging Elders is a perfect balance of scholarship and the heart of a servant attempting to live incarnationally. Incarnational leadership is at the heart of Emerging Elders and calls Christians to develop leaders who lead God’s church biblically and to address the real life problems the people of God face with the most fundamental gift God has given his people agape love.

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“Is the Pastor In?”: A Brief Look at a Misnomer

The telephone rings and I answer it. The person on the other end asks the following question: “is the pastor in?” To which I reply, “No, we have no pastors, but I’m an evangelist can I help you?” The phone is silent for a few seconds, often followed with some stuttering; the refrain repeats uneasily, “is the pastor in?” They are seeking the preacher but that is not the preacher’s title, nor description in the New Testament.

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