Biblical Faith is an endeavor to faithfully teach God’s word. The goals are quite simple, to learn what the Scriptures teach, and then to find areas in everyday life where these biblical principles can be applied.

With Biblical Faith we hope…

  1. To explore the teaching of God found in the biblical documents – Old and New Testaments.
  2. To provide a clear understanding of Scripture.
  3. To emphasize the application of biblical teaching in the life of all disciples.
  4. To praise God for his inspired, redemptive, and empowering Word.
  5. (I’m missing something… it’ll come to me)

Each study will be carefully prepared for publication, so the articles will appear as they are ready. The articles will range in their presentation. Some will be academic, others will be popular, and yet others will have a blend of the two.

I personally do not like microwave articles that are “hot” for the second so I try not to write like that.

I am excited about this project; I hope you enjoy the studies. They are my service to you because of Him Who called me into His precious grace.


Jovan Payes

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