From Babel to the Cross…

“In the beginning”, when God created humans we were to be fruitful and multiply and subdue the earth with our presence (Gen. 1.26). Despite this explicit decree from heaven, we decided to build a commune – a great edifice that stretched out to the heavens (Gen. 11.1-9). A monumnent… a testimonry … a legacy…

In some translations, the narrative may be versed in gentle terms, but it seems quie clear that God viewed such behavior as an act of rebellion. It was after all a united act of unbelief – trusting in themselves and in temporal material possessions.

God made a quick on-site inspection of the construction and concluded that it would be ground zero for future anarchy (Gen 11.5-6). In His Divine wisdom, God confused their languages to the point that people who had once been united we now incapable to continue this project (Gen. 11.7-8).

The net effect was the geographical dispersion of the human family upon the planet, each with corresponding languages and their respective dialects (Gen. 11.9).

Today I have been thinking over this historical narrative of the origin of the diversity of human langages (link). I see in the teaching and actual progression of the Gosel a reversal of the tower of Babel event. The Gospel is to go out into the whole world, all nations are to hear the teachings of Jesus, every person no matter what language they speak, no matter what skin pigmentation they possess, no matter that socio-economic demographic they sprout from, today all can be disciples of the teachings of Jesus, united with the description call “in Christ.”

Just a thought… there are always people building their legacy that runs contrary to God’s will, should we have the opportunity, let’s tell them about the legacy of Jesus that brings us to heaven… and they can build a legacy that will endure into eternal bliss.

It’s something to think about.


2 thoughts on “From Babel to the Cross…

  1. Jovan Payes

    Hey Matthew.. thanks for the feedback.. hope the MDIV program is treating you well.. keep studying, writing, and sharing..

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