12 Questions – Columbus

I am sorry for adding this link so late into this event but there is still time to participate. In one and a half hours, the Fishinger and Kenny church of Christ (Columbus, OH) will be STREAMING LIVE FOR FREE their special Q&A Session 12 Questions Columbus.

The premise of these Q&A’s is based on the possibility “If you could ask Jesus one questions, what would it be?” These questions have been submitted by the community to the Fishinger and Kenny congregation. There is an opportunity to ask questions live, please do so by going to the LIVE FEED LINK and following the instruction at the bottom of the page.

LIVE FEED: http://www.12questionscolumbus.org/

ARCHIVE of 12 Questions Columbus on YOUTUBE.

Tonight’s Questions Discussed (15 min. introduction, 15 minute Q&A):

#10 – “Jesus, are you disappointed in me?” (Tim Lewis)

#11 – “Jesus, What is the Holy Spirit and what does He do?” (Jovan Payes)

#12 – “Jesus, When are you going to end it all?” (Tim Lewis)

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