Male Spiritual Leadership

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About Male Spiritual Leadership

There is a considerable need for men today in both society and the church. We are not talking about biological males; no. We are talking about men who are leaders in their homes both morally and spiritually; men whose lives are grounded in the word of God and embrace their leadership responsibilities in the home and the church.

The setting will be casual but spiritually focused. The environment will be interactive so it will not be a pure lecture-based study. Everyone will be invited to participate, after all we are learning principles which are meant to be learned and practiced. Come be with us in this exciting new offering; For King and family!

What is the Focus of Male Spiritual Leadership?

Much of the quality of our homes, our lives, and our churches are the result of the environment influenced by our leaders. If the quality of our own spiritual depth is lacking, our lives and our homes will also lack spiritual depth. And, since God has given leadership in the body of Christ into the hands of spiritual men, the church can only reflect the spiritual depth of its leaders.

Male Spiritual Leadership is an opportunity to provide the necessary spiritual tool-kit to mold ourselves after the biblical pattern of male leadership within ourselves, our families, and the church.

When and Where is Male Spiritual Leadership?

Male Spiritual Leadership is scheduled for 2016:

Saturday, April 16. Hosted by the Highland church of Christ that meets at 10130 Rosedale Hwy., Bakersfield, CA 93312.

Saturday, August 13. Hosted by the Central church of Christ that meets at 804 Jefferson Street, Delano, CA 93215.

TBD. Hosted by the California Avenue church of Christ that meets at 1020 E. California Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93307.

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Schedule for Male Spiritual Leadership

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