Recharge Excellence Conference

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What is RECHARGE: Excellence Conference? RECHARGE Excellence Conference is a conference designed to recharge every Christian. It is easy to get discouraged and burn-out. It is easy to run out of ideas on how to practically do the Lord’s work. RECHARGE Excellence Conference is a way for the Lord’s workers to share knowledge, experiences, ideas, and successes.

Digging Deeper: Building on the Foundation of God’s Word

There are two specific focuses of RECHARGE Excellence Conference. There is a textual growth focus and a practical application focus. There are sessions designed to dig deeper into specific books of the Bible. These sessions will reignite a passion for doing good honest Bible study, and encourage everyone to hone their study skills even more.

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The Nuts & Bolts of Ministry: The Practical Side of Working for the Lord

Recharge is characterized by it’s focus on the nuts and bolts of ministry. These practical sessions are designed to explain how others are successfully handling specific situations in their congregations. They will give you ideas and specific steps you can implement into your local work TODAY!

Dan Owen on Recharge
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Who is Recharge for?

RECHARGE Excellence Conference is specifically designed for ALL Christians who want to be better workers for Christ. It is a FAMILY FRIENDLY event. New in 2015 is an entire program for children up through teens so that the whole family can get recharged! This is not JUST for preachers. RECHARGE is for everyone who is committed to living out Christianity.

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Where is Recharge Going to Take Place?

RECHARGE Excellence Conference is going to take place at the doorstep to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Anaheim is a perfect spot to spend a family vacation and to grow spiritually at the RECHARGE Conference. Southern California provides countless opportunities for you spend quality time with friends and family.

Conference Location

All RECHARGE Conference events will take place at: The Doubletree Anaheim, in Orange 100 The City Drive Orange Orange, CA 92868. RECHARGE: Excellence Conference at the Doorstep of Disneyland will be held at the Doubletree Anaheim in Orange, California. Spend four days in the warm California sun. All the Recharge sessions will be held in the conference center at the hotel. For details on our special room rates for Recharge visit our Accommodations page. The location of RECHARGE: Excellence Conference at the Doorstep of Disneyland is perfect for leaving you recharged and fed spiritually so you can get back out there and engage in the work of the Lord.

When is Recharge? (TBA)

RECHARGE: Excellence Conference at the doorstep of Disneyland. The schedule is Tuesday – Friday from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM (Friday the program ends at noon). This schedule will allow you time to spend with your family and friends enjoying the endless amazing things to do in Southern California. RECHARGE: Excellence Conference at the Doorstep of Disneyland will be a great relaxing experience for your whole family on top of being a great spiritual, informational and motivational charge in your work for the Lord. Arrive a few days early and make it into a great vacation in one of the most family entertainment friendly places in the world.

Where did Recharge Come From?

RECHARGE: Excellence Conference at the Doorstep of Disneyland is a program that was born out of the thoughts and ideas of preachers in California who were born and raised in this mission field. They were tired of having to travel far away to get access to programs that provided an environment that cultivated and developed stronger church workers. In their broad travels they also noticed the West Coast was largely written off, or unnoticed by those in other parts of the country. The West Coast is a different culture from other parts of our country and it has its own unique influential cultural factors. We believe that something like RECHARGE: Excellence Conference at the Doorstep of Disneyland is long past due for those of us working the mission field of the western United States.  RECHARGE: Excellence in Ministry is under the oversight of the Ripon Church of Christ.

Director: Caleb O’Hara (Ripon, California)
Assistant Director: Wayne Roberts (Ripon, California)
Director of Resources: Jovan Payes (Bakersfield, California)
Director of Operations: Cliff Sabroe (Visalia, California)