From time to time I get out of Bakersfield to speak and give messages. Here’s what’s coming next:


March 3:Conversion of a Gang Banger,” Affirming the Faith Seminar: Unfinished Business (Oklahoma City, OK)

April 7: “The Spiritual ‘Leadership Challenge,'” Male Spiritual Leadership (Bakersfield, CA)

May 3:What’s Love Got to Do with It?,” On Facebook Live 7 PM (EST) / 4 PM (PST) for the Teaching America Christian Conference, Theme: Honorable Conduct

May 5: “The Role of Youth in the Family,” Revival Weekend (May 5th-6th): Family Struggles and God’s Plan (Joshua 24:15) (Bakersfield, CA)

July 4: “Huldah, the Prophetess,” Summer Series at West Visalia church of Christ (Visalia, CA)

August 1: “A Life of Faith is a Pilgrimage to God (Psalms 19-23),” Summer Series at Woodward Park church of Christ (Fresno, CA)

September 28-30: The Heart of Evangelism, Evangelism Workshop at Valley Springs church of Christ (Valley Springs, CA)

October 12: Keynote, “Running with Focus,” Youth Forum at West Visalia church of Christ (Visalia, CA)

Interested to have me speak?

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